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Accurate Readings, Easy Interface

Monitor and adjust the relative humidity of your indoor growth environment with the Anden A77 Digital Dehumidifier Control. This wall-mounted unit lets you dial in relative humidity levels to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment with constant monitoring and easy adjustments. This is a wired control that connects directly to your dehumidifier for accurate, reliable readings.


Anden advanced features:

  • Humidity Control – Optimize the performance of your Anden dehumidifier with this wall-mounted control
  • One-Touch Buttons – The intuitive interface features on/off buttons, and up/down arrows for adjusting relative humidity
  • Easy Readings – The display shows the relative humidity in bold for quick, easy readings
  • Wired Control – This unit is wall-mounted and hardwired to your Anden dehumidifier for accurate, reliable control
  • Built to Last – Dependability is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on this product–so you can grow with confidence